Sunday, January 25, 2009


HEY!!! I was so happy the other night because I was able to see Brandon on the web cam! Even though there was a big delay I was still able to see his beautiful face!! He was able to see me and the girls. It was very bitter sweet. I was very happy to see him but sad at the same time because it made me miss him even more. But I have squared my shoulders and am pushing on. I hope we get to do the more often!! It would be a breath of fresh air to able to see him again! I love and miss you BUNNY!


Becky Jamison said...

Glad to hear those shoulders are square, Ruthie! And so glad you're blogging again. How times have changed--web cams, email and cell phones bring these guys closer to home than ever before. What a blessing technology is. Just keep on keeping on. We love you. Hug Emi & Livi please.

Lisa Jamison said...

Keep your head up Ruthie! You will get through this. Like I said you are a stronger woman than I could ever be :) And for that I look up to you. We are always thinking about you!

Come home soon