Thursday, January 8, 2009


Well looks like I've done it! Wouldn't you know it with everything else happening in my life right now. I go and break my wrist!

I broke it a month and half ago while falling down the stairs! (hahahaha) I was trying to be goofy with Brandon and I slipped and fell. It was pretty funny but somewhat hurt at the same time. I never went to the doctor (i have such a fear). And with all the shoveling of all the snow I have been re hurting it. well I went to the doctor today (thank you Brandon you were right) and he took xrays and yep broke. I actually broke 4 tiny bones, 2 of which have been broken twice. I didn't have to have a cast because the bones are so tiny but they put me into a soft cast and a brace for sleeping. It's funny to think about these tiny bones can be so painful. And I have got to hand it to the military doctors cause I was only given IB proffin. OH BOY that really helps..................not.

So thats not all of corse!! It never is when I finally go to the doctors!!! He sits me down and wants to talk about this white mass in my wrist! Well I tell you I'm thinking the the worst!! Turns out I guess I have a very bad cause (for my age) of carpa tunnel. (sorry I can't spell it) Well I guess the white mass is the size of a quarter. And he thinks I need to get in as soon as possible to have surgery. So I don't know how that'll happen while Brandon's gone so looks like I'll have to wait tell he gets back. Well after finding out how old my body is starting to get I thought ok just let me go home and milk it for all it's worth. hahahahaha But no he wants to xray my left wrist. well turns out I have a small amount in that one too. Great!! Sooooo oh well I guess life happens! I would love to wake up tomorrow with my 17 year old body again! But only in my dreams!! =(


Becky Jamison said...

I hope the dr. told you to stop shoveling snow. :-) You take care of yourself in your old age Ruth!

Lisa Jamison said...

Aww you poor thing! You're just falling apart hehe. I've noticed too, as soon as 21 was over and gone things started going down hill lol. I had to get glasses & contacts and yah I need to get to the doctor dentist all that good stuff. I am so scared too, i dont know how in the world I will get over my fear of doctors to have a baby eeeekk

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