Saturday, November 22, 2008

Trade Me Places!

Brandon Getting His Purple Heart IN Iraq!!

Trade Me Places
He gets up every morning,and dresses for PT.

He gives me a kiss,and says he loves me as he leaves.

He goes to do his job,does everything he's told to do.

You may not like who he is,but you like your freedom don't you?

You want to be a protestor,and wave your little signs,

but if it wasn't for the soldier,you'd never have those rights.

The right to speak freely,and see your family every day,

they give those rights to you,while theirs are taken away.

They're sent to a different country,have to leave their families at home.

You're not too worried about your life,but in a moment his could be gone.

Next time you want to protest,think about this for me...

What if it was your son or husbandthat had been sent overseas?

Would you still be there standing,saying that war is wrong,

or would you be on your knees praying,that he

safely made it home?

I love this poem!

The wounders of Children

I have two beautiful, sweet, loving, crazy, wild girls fulling my life with twists and turns every moment of my day. They bring so much to the very nature of who I am it's ridiculous!

Emily (the hulk)- Well all I can say about this child is she's crazy 90 % of the time! Maybe it's the age right now but she has lead me to believe that she was switched at birth. Well we all know that, thats totally not the truth but all in all I would never change a minute of who she is. So many people have told me that I acted the same way when I was young. Hummmmm sometimes I find that hard to believe, but who knows. She's very loving and likes to snuggle and kiss and hug, 5 minutes later she'll want to climb to the highest point of the couch and jump on you like something out of scary movie! She loves to try and do your hair and bless her heart she really tries but in the end it's looks like a wild bee's nest on top of your head! Her newest thing she says all the time is "you've got to be kidding me" I don't know where she got that but new things pop outta her mouth everyday. We have given her the nick name "the hulk" because when she gets upset or is ready to throw a fit she balls up her fists and looks like she ready to start shredding her cloths and almost starts to turn green! She is really pretty funny when she does that which makes her even more mad. She is also the little helper!! She loves her baby sister and wants to be apart of everything I do with Olivia. Even if it means tossing a smelly diaper in the trash, she does it with a smile. Man I wish some adults could have that same spunk! Haha. At the end of the day Emily is my little fire cracker with a short fuse! I love her to death for everything she is and will become. But lets just say she's the cutest when shes sleeping!

Olivia (Chunk)- Awwwww my little peanut head!! Well we call her "the chunk" because this little thing can pack it away! Food I mean! Every waking moment she has to have something in her little hand! Her favorite thing to eat right now is beagles. Nothing on them just plan and she'll want the whole thing not just a half. God forbid you give her a half and she's ready to strangle you in your sleep! She has recently started crawling and really takes off! You see her sitting there and 2 seconds later she's in the kitchen pulling out all my pots and pans ready to make some monster drum solo as if she was in a heavy metal band. She is very happy most of the day! She loves to play patty cake and watch cartoons. Daddy is her world and loves to play with him the most. I get pushed away until it's time to get my butt in the kitchen and get her something to eat! If she could talk I'm sure thats what she'd say!!!! Her and Emily play very well together! They'll fight every now and then but what would sisters do if they didn't. Livi is not much of a snuggler and tries to wiggle out of any hold you might have on her! She also very interested in other people's teeth!! Its some what embarrassing because someone new will hold her and the next thing they know they have a baby hand trying to get into their mouth! And after all the food she's held in that little hand let me tell ya it's not pretty! She's my little princess and lots of fun to be around. She always has a smile for someone new and isn't afraid to show off for any one! She's my little pinkie pie beany stash. (that nick name will come later long story)

I know this is long but how can you explain your beautiful children in such a short sentence? I look forward to each new day with them but also look forward to putting them to bed! I thank god each night for giving me these two little sweet peas. I have no idea what my life would be like with out them here! Maybe more rested?!!



Friday, November 21, 2008


Well I have finally started the whole Blog thing and maybe I'll have readers and maybe not, but this will be a great way for me to channel all this buzz i have running and jumping inside my head at all hours of the day!

Believe it or not even me the average house wife has lots to ponder on during the day while I'm Scrubbing the toilet ( my favorite thing to do) and yelling at my kids! With Brandon getting ready to go to war and me here alone in New York! I'm sure lots of crazy things will pop outta my head left and right!

There is lots of crazy drama happening here right now but I'll let all of that unfold a little more before I spill any beans! Army wives are crazy! and the guys are even crazier. Me I like to sit in the back and watch. I am not going down that road. Just smile and wave!

TTFN Ruthie

Come home soon