Monday, December 29, 2008

Oh the dreaded deployment count down begins!

This blog entry is some what sobering some of these pictures will make you cry, but I feel this should be shown everyday. Just to remember that there are families out there missing their solider, and that they are fighting for MANY rights we enjoy today!

I soon will be joining theses ranks of people and we will all have many things in common. Brandon will be leaving home to fight in Afghanistan for a little over a year. He'll be leaving in a very short 2 weeks. As I sit here and write this I can't help but miss him already. Every time I even think about having to go through this again I can't help but cry. I try to be strong in front of him because I don't want him to think I'm gonna be a huge mess when he's gone but............. What can I do, the love of my life and the father of my children is leaving, fighting a war in a strange and foreign land, me not knowing if he's sick or hungry,cold or in harms way!

I have faith that he has been taught well in order to get the job done and come home safe. But I still worry. I'm a worry wart. The one thing that is going to kill me and will be very hard to keep strong, is watching my children miss him and not fully understanding why he's gone. We have tried to talk to Emily about whats going to happen but she really can't grasp the full meaning behind it all or really even remember what I said the day before. So this is come as a shock to her.

AGAIN** these pictures arn't for me to be dramatic but to show how deployment effects the entire family!****

People seem to tell me oohhh you'll be ok don't worry it'll be over before you know it. Well to me thats pretty harsh, because to everyone else it's another day, it's "boy that month went fast" and I hate my job. To me it's lonely nights, sleeping with the telephone, folding the last of his laundry wishing the next time I did laundry something of his was in it, and trying to keep the house and my self together. Lonely holidays and watching many "Firsts" of our children alone wishing he could see them too.

Watching the kids go through a tough deployment is the worst. Emily is so crazy about her daddy that everything she does she can't wait for daddy to get home just to show him, or run screaming through the house because he's home. I'm not looking forward to hearing her cry for daddy when she's sick or hurt (which she does EVERYTIME). Olivia is going to be hard because I'm afraid she'll start to forget him. She's young enough now for that to happen. I have to start making home videos and take lots of pictures to show her everyday.

I tend to get my self in trouble with some wives I know, because I hear about all the fights and all the name calling they do with each other. Or how something so small can set them off. Like not putting the toilet seat down or not picking up their socks on the floor or something really stupid. I've learned from my first deployment with Brandon that when I did all that nagging , when he was gone and I'd have nothing to pick up or put down or anything like that it made me miss him even more. And why in the hell did I nag so much when I could've used that time to just love him and thank god he was there. I don't do it any more thats for sure, I might find my self getting upset but I remember how it felt when he was gone, and I just do it.

Well I know that when he took this career this would be a path I'd find myself walking many times. And as an army wife I have to try and be strong at least to him and my kids. For all of you reading I hope the next time to see a soldier or an army wife thank them for the sacrifice they make every day to ensure your freedom. Adopt a soldier and send him cookies or something small to let him/her know someone home is thinking of them. Soldiers are a different breed, brave, strong, and honorable. I'll soon start my new blog recording all my days while he's away. Keeps our little family in your prayers. Thanks

Sunday, December 21, 2008

I hate the snow!

Holy Cow it is still snowing.!!!!!!! We have had so much snow I can't believe this is happening. Yesterday me and Brandon spent forever clearing all the snow so we could get out of our drive way! Well wouldn't you know it w wake up this morning and IT'S SNOWING!!!! And it's not just this little tiny flakes. IT'S HUGE FLAKES!!!!!!!! We are going to have to start all over again and clear all of it. My arms ache so bad for having to shovel all day. Well maybe I'll come back to Colorado looking like I've worked out the entire time I've been out here.

All this snow just makes me wanna cry every time I look out the window. We have at least a 7 foot pile of snow next to our drive way from all the times we shovel it to the side and it looks like that crap isn't gonna melt until next August. People think living in a place like washington or some rainy state would be all depressing or something like that. But I have to tell you nothing is more depressing than looking out the window and for 3 weeks straight all you see it white dirty snow. Shoveling everyday just to run to the store to grab milk or diapers. It sucks. I'd rather deal with the rain!!!!


Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas Army style!!

We took the girls to the USO Christmas party It was lots of fun!! Lots of people were there with their families. It's crazy to see all the guys Brandon works with there and in the "civilian" clothes!

They had lots of food and fun things for the kids to do! The guy reading the book (the soldier's night before Christmas) is Capt. Harrison. He's a nice guy and loves doing this kind of stuff for the kids.

After the story they had a big craft table for the kids to make clothes pin reindeer. Emily was in hog heaven. Then Santa came and I thought Emily was going to loose it. We never told her he was going to be there so she could be surprised!! They both had lots of fun that night! I'm so glad that they are doing things that are geared toward the kids!! I've met alot of lady's out here that are very nice and our kids can play together.

By the time we left all the guys think it's pretty funny to get our kids all sugared up and send them back our way. When we got home Emily had a full blown sugar rush!! And a chocolate mustache to match!! All that candy the guys gave the kids was crazy it just knocked Livi out!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Things maybe you didn't know about me! (thanks lisa)

Here are some things you might not have known about me! Again thank you Lisa for the great idea!!

1. I wish i was a billionaire!
2. I dye my hair alot
3. I try to sing opera when no one is around
4. I also try to do ballet when no one is around!!
5. I hate onions
6. I love anything pumpkin!!
7. I sell Mary Kay and an a pearl beauty consultant
8. I can't spell very well
9. I use big words sometimes and really don't know what they mean!
10. I secretly wish I was prego again
11. But then again i don't
12. I have buyers remorse really bad!!!
13. I hate cooking dinner and making lunches!
14. I really like to bake
15. I think using a sewing machine is really fun
16. Am totally stocked to be Lisa's back up maid of honor!
17. I have to have coffee to even be able to function for the day
18. I love reality TV
19. Wish i could've been a rock star!
20. Wish I would've went to college
21. Need a good hour after waking up before I'm nice to any one
22. When no one's looking i like to try and slide in the snow!
23. I've never been to Disney land/world
24.I really wanna go!!
25. I bite my nails really bad
26. I don't bite them if I have fake nails on!!
27. I wax Brandon's eye brows and love it!! hehehe sorry Brandon
28. I'm not a fan of Valentine's Day! Why pay all the money just to say you love someone.
29. I love camping
30. I won't pee in the woods by my self.
31. I talk alot in my sleep
32. I need 12 hours of sleep to be normal
33. I hate being an army wife
34. I really wanna travel
35. I never know what to write on blogs, most likely why I'm doing this!

Hope you all had fun reading it! I'll have to sit and think of more.

movie tree

Thought everyone would wanna see our tree!! enjoy also the girls wanna say hi and merry christmas!!

They have had alot of fun putting up the tree this year!! We always play some really pretty music and try and have a great night together, but as you all know thats really hard to do when you have two kids that fight! But we made the best of it and our tree looks beautiful!!!! We sure do wish we could be home for the hoildays but maybe next year! We love you all and hope you all have a great and wounderful hoilday season!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Holy Snow!!!

Well when people told that up state NY snowed alot I always thought what could be worse than Colorado!! But I guess I didn't take anything they said to heart! I look out side and still can't believe whats happening! I took these pictures Saturday morning! Me and brandon had been shoveling snow for about 3 hours! we finally got done and started to walk inside and the snow plow guy came by and pushed everything back to the drive way and we had to start all over!

We were so upset I thought Brandon was going to loose it on this guy!

Well we finally got everything all said and done and wouldn't you know it that night we got dumped on again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG we just stood there and laughed at all the stupid snow coming down. I felt like a crazy person I was actually laughing at the snow! So we had to pick up and shovel again!

I guess from now on I'll start watching to what people tell me! I used to love the snow and now I hate it with a passion!!! Screw all this shoveling were are getting a snow blower!!!

Thursday, December 4, 2008


Wow there has been alot of crazy things happening here that I'm just now being able to write about our thanksgiving!

The day was lots of fun and the house filled with lots of people. We had

Cody's mom
Cody's dad
and pete's daughter Savanna

I don't know how I did it but I did. Cody's mom helped out ALOT in the kitchen to which I was very thankful. We had a big turkey and all the trimmings to beat! Me and Cody's mom did have a couple bottles of wine while making the meal and I think about half way through the cooking I really didn't care if it tasted good or not! hahaha But all in all it was great.

I was very thankful for alot of things that day!

My little family
my brave husband for fighting for our freedom
Cody's mom
snowquail wine
freezer to oven turkeys
for my brother matthew calling me to tell me about how i should be making my turkey even though it was pretty much done. I was just glad he called.
For matthew calling there fore openingt he gates for Lisa to call me back and have a great talk!
Paper plates!
fall air freshener
Xbox- it kept all the guys busy and to stop asking when dinner was gonna be ready.
my mom to not getting upset with me calling her every five mins. asking how to do stuff, and helping talk me through a very ruff morning! I don't know what I'd do with out her!!

and many many more. Every day in my life I'm thankful for so many things, whether big or small, just might have to take a closer look some times!
Love you all

Come home soon