Sunday, December 21, 2008

I hate the snow!

Holy Cow it is still snowing.!!!!!!! We have had so much snow I can't believe this is happening. Yesterday me and Brandon spent forever clearing all the snow so we could get out of our drive way! Well wouldn't you know it w wake up this morning and IT'S SNOWING!!!! And it's not just this little tiny flakes. IT'S HUGE FLAKES!!!!!!!! We are going to have to start all over again and clear all of it. My arms ache so bad for having to shovel all day. Well maybe I'll come back to Colorado looking like I've worked out the entire time I've been out here.

All this snow just makes me wanna cry every time I look out the window. We have at least a 7 foot pile of snow next to our drive way from all the times we shovel it to the side and it looks like that crap isn't gonna melt until next August. People think living in a place like washington or some rainy state would be all depressing or something like that. But I have to tell you nothing is more depressing than looking out the window and for 3 weeks straight all you see it white dirty snow. Shoveling everyday just to run to the store to grab milk or diapers. It sucks. I'd rather deal with the rain!!!!



Becky Jamison said...

How is the snowblower working? Maybe it'll give you a reprieve Ruthie. I hope so!

Lisa Jamison said...

Your arms are going to be so buff, haha that's funny. I wish it would snow just a little bit here, it's more depressing to be butt ass cold and nothings happening. We want to break out the 4wheelers and sleds dang it

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