Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Thankful for family!!

I have to say I'm am so thankful for my family!!! With this hard time creeping closer and closer I have had many people sending emails and calls just to make sure we are OK with everything that's happening!! Thank you everyone. Yes this is a very stressful and depressing time, but with everyone showing lots of support it helps. I'm so happy to share that my big sister Becky is going to come out here this Monday and stay with me to say good by to Brandon!!!!! This will make my time to say good bye alot easier. Brandon feels the same he would rather have someone here with me to help with all the craziness.

Again thank you everyone so much, we truly feel loved and thought of often. We will keep everyone updated on everything that's happening.


Becky Jamison said...

Glad to hear you won't be alone! You're all in our prayers, Ruthie!
Will she be able to stay a few days?

Lisa Jamison said...

I wish I could come out there to help you too. I will look at flights. I would love to spend a few days with you girls :) I'll see what I can find. Let us know if you need ANYTHING!!

Come home soon